Thursday, June 21, 2012

Loving You a Thousand Times

Hamek kau dah terlayan cite korea ni. Hubby la punye pasal gi subscribe Astro beyond.  Tp at least ade la cite aku nak layan malam2. Banyak cite best kat channel 393. Dah la gamba cantik u all tambah plak pelakon cun2.huhu

Meh layan sinopsis yg aku gugel:
Baek Sae Hoon and his wife, Lee Sun Young, desperately try to conceive a child but are unsuccessful. Sae Hoon's mother goes to Sun Young and asks that she consider surrogacy as a way of conceiving a child without Sae Hoon's knowledge. This is where Go Eun Nim comes in. She is their surrogate mother carrying their child but things become complicated when she later falls in love with Sae Hoon's younger brother, Kang Ho.

Untuk kisah selanjutnye, jom layan kat channel 393. sekian

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